Friday, June 15, 2007

5 favorite Friday

Because I obviously needed to give myself something more to do...right?
Today: My 5 favorite warm-fuzzy movies.
Not romantic warm-fuzzies, just glad to be alive in a not-particularly-cheesy-way warm-fuzzies

Mrs. Miniver (1942):

Sure, it's a propaganda film. Meant to boost the morale of a bombed out England. I bet it worked. It gives you this heroine who isn't the perfect british wife because she bakes perfect pies or dresses's just because she's nice in a normal kind of way. Kind of a melodramatic ending, but considering the scope of the setting, it's only appropriate that the film try to deal with loss in an honorable-type way.

Perfect reminder to treasure your children. Beautiful, beautiful film. I watched this with my little sister when she was about 7, and she was able to follow it with minimal subtitle reading from me. Speaks to you on a very basic, human level. And it's beautiful too boot! (Did I mention how beautiful it is?)

Yeah, so Capra may have been the king of feel-good films. But this is my favorite. I love the way he takes this pure character and plops him in the middle of "the real world" and more or less proves that you don't have to be jaded to live in a jaded world. Well, it's difficult....especially with scheming relatives. I especially love watching the "inner" turmoil of Jean Arthur's character..... how would you feel if you ran into someone untouched by the world?

Perfect film for giving hope to the hopeless, and finding sense in the senseless. I love the slow steadiness of the whole idea. Brings fantastic perspective to the value of small and simple things. Makes me want to plant things and watch them grow.

Going My Way (1944):
I love this film! I love how it makes me feel about the prospect of raising boys. I love the sort of a male role model it creates, and the music doesn't hurt either. There's a lot of reasons this won so may awards....makes me happy.

Honorable Mentions:

You Can't Take it With You (1938) more Capra....I'm shameless


Inexperienced Mom said...

I have added several to my Netflix queue. Thanks for the suggestions!

Brittany said...

Glad to know that someone else finally knows "I Remember Mama" one of the best ever!

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