Saturday, June 30, 2007

The new adventures of Mr Renn

And he Speaks.
This past week has been almost as exhausting as being in school. . .only in a good way. I have come home each night very tired, but not the mentally tired as school tends to make me. I have traveled at least 2 hours from my home in all 4 major directions to spend 4 fun filled days. Tuesday was east (NJ shore), Wednesday was south (D.C./Baltimore), Thursday was west (Dutch Country/Hershey), and today I went north (New York). I guess that is one advantage of living in such an admirable place as Philadelphia. Here is a breakdown of today's events:

My friends G and J took me to Time Square first thing this morning. I was amazed at how much advertising is done here...and to think of all those suckers who actually buy things because of influences of advertising. I am thankful for advertising though, because with out it, free things like t.v. and radio would cost money. Unfortunately I am not that big of a consumer, so they probably just loose money on me. Well enough soap box, let's continue.

We purchased a very economical subway day pass, which we for sure didn't loose any money on. (I think we rode the tube at least 10 times.) And we then proceeded to take the Metro down to the Staten Island Ferry, a free ride across the harbor to none other than Staten Island. It takes about 20 min to cross the bay and then 20 minutes back. I would highly recommend it because of the view of the skyline, and you pass very close to the Statue of Liberty.

We then went to Wendy's for the "Dollar nineteen" menu, (oh and they changed the sign from dollar menu to "special value") and proceed on to Central Park. We had a lovely lunch in the shade, although G, J, and I couldn't help but feeling out of place among our fellow park goers. We were just way to modest to be there, cause we actually had clothes on. But they did look like they were having a good time soaking up the UV rays and damaging their DNA. Hat's off to those who want skin cancer.

And after lunch, before we could leave the Park, my friend G lost $80 bucks to a hustler. He walked over to J and I who happened to be taking the picture above and was in shock. He couldn't believe that the guy took 80 dollars out of his hand. J decided G better get that money back at all costs. So after a friendly disagreement infront of passers by, G decided to just do it the easy way and tell the man he would find the police. The man respectfully returned the money, partly due to the threat, but also partly because he was loosing more business of the passers by with G forcefully contending him than he would gain from G's $80.

After the monies were restored to their rightful owner, we went to Rockefeller Center to see where the big Christmas tree goes, and where the "skating rink" is. It was a delightful place with a wondrous hoard of friendly people, and a very tall building.

And very last but certainly not least, we took an adventurous journey into Queens. As you ride the elevated subway you can see China, Latin America, Japan, and the Philippines all pass buy under your feet. (I guess there is a large population of ethnic minorities that live in large groups there). G had a tip to stop at "Little Manila" (Philippines) where we had some very tasty eats. (G has a love for the Islands after living there for 2 years). This is getting back on the metro in Queens, and it was candid.

All in all, it was a most wonderful day. I regret to say I didn't see everything, but I can also say New York is a place that you can't experience in a day, probably not even a week. In order to experience New York you probably need to live there for a time. The like will probably not happen to me, but if anyone gets the opportunity, go ahead and take it.


hairyshoefairy said...

Cool trip, Renn. Isn't it great to live within such a short distance of so many awesome things?

tracy m said...

Sounds like fun- but I'm not likely to ever live there, either. Where was Em, by the way?

So the people in Central Park ar NAKED!?

Em said...

My sister didn't want to go, so I stayed home with the kiddies and had a Fraggle Rock marathon. And packed. And cleaned.

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