Tuesday, June 19, 2007

nothing really

Not the most exciting day of my life, but that's okay. You need days like that so that the exciting days seem more exciting in contrast. If you are looking for poignant writing, I'll defer to Jeff, who just updated his blog with many many good thinkings.

I did a lot of napping today, which is good. My insomnia has been out of control lately. As you can see, Sir Oliver was not so keen on napping. Which is too bad, because Mr Renn is trying really hard to study for his finals.

But on the bright side, I had some random success at the thrift store today. I was looking for a small pot to put in our 72 hour kit, and stumbled upon these beauties. A food mill and a mini-doughnut pan, all for less than $4. Now I'm off to try a baked doughnut recipe.

Wish me luck!


doughnuts are great! Although I learned in 3 batches to fill them more than halfway, and that 16 minutes is plenty baking time.


Deena said...

I'll be over later for a donut! :)

Good luck with your sleeping. Maybe if you give me a donut, I would babysit Oliver long enough for you to take a good six hour nap.

samunwritten said...

Homemade donuts are the best!
I feel for you on the insomnia thing. My own sleeping patterns have been possessed by some evil spirit.
Ah, the things I do for the citizens of Orem.

Ginnie said...

Once again you have proven that you are the ultimate Domestic Diva!

I feel like I should have a coming out party since I've been lurking on your blog for some time now and this is officially my first comment. I do however, make comments in my head...does that count?

aLi said...

Mmmm, those look good!! It almost makes me miss my working-in-a-bakery days, when I was the one to FROST ALL THE DONUTS!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, looks really good. You are the queen of cooking.

Brittany said...

It's funny Em, even your "not so exciting days" seem to be filled with great things. And thanks for sending us to Jeff's sight, I liked it!

--jeff * said...

dang, em, i'm always flattered when you mention my site. the irony this time is that i borrowed from you for my monday posting.... friends are wonderful, indeed.

brittany, thank you for the kind words. i feel warm and smiley now. = D

hairyshoefairy said...

So is this how cake donuts are made?

hairyshoefairy said...

P.S. Sometimes Peanut naps like that, too. Nice.

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