Thursday, July 26, 2007

Aways and sorries

Hmmmm.....I've got no good excuses.
Other than the part where my aunt lent me the new Harry Potter book. Which I devoured in just over 24 hours while also finishing a video editing project and being a single parent. I, like most people, am nuts. And now I am experiencing the inevitable gloom at the end of so many years of anticipation. It's like the day after Christmas.
Only you don't have to battle out in your head not to hope for another Christmas {someday} because that would turn Christmas into a sappy sequel-y thing of increasingly diminishing worth..... I miss the tiny part of my brain that for so many years now has always known there was more coming.
That sort of thing has made many people magically disappear of late.
Well, that and 2 days of making frozen dinners while dear Mr Renn did some yard construction for 3 days.
That's what happens when you offer yourself for hire.

And Sir Oliver stayed up late and saw his first fireworks on the 24th. I think he would have loved them had he not been so dreadfully tired. He really is a delightful sort of baby {who is altogether toeing the toddler line too closely and with far to much eagerness}
This trip has taught me that Oliver is a boy, very thoroughly, and there is nothing I can do about it {not that I want to}.... He's never owned a car or a ball in his life, my oversight, but he is drawn to them like magnets and knows instinctively what to do with them. He even makes "vrooom"ish noises while pushing toy cars along.
He's a riot. And despite the 6 teeth we can now see coming, he is the happiest boy you ever saw.
Makes me glad.

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aLi said...

YAY! I'm glad you're glad! And I am glad that Sir O has finally gotten more teeth! (I know that's been a big deal for you.)
I hope the family stuff smoothes over, good luck with the rest of the "vacation."

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