Monday, July 02, 2007

Makeover Monday: more (or less) control issues

So sometimes I post something that comes out all nonsense, and then later contradict it.
Such is the case here. I'm only human.

A very wise lady said something grand in church yesterday. She said that raising children is a lot like raising a garden. You like to think that your care determines how healthy a plant will turn out, but all too often the plants you pamper most wither away while the 15 year old beans that you carelessly dump in the back corner sprout up beautifully. Or the dwindling raspberry bushes you gave up on and moved to a barren corner suddenly spring to life. Really you can neither take credit for what God does, nor can you blame yourself for what God does.
And rarely do we fully realize what He is doing.
Not only can we not feign accountability for God, but really for nobody else but our own little onesies. That really leaves very little that we truly control. And a good portion of the purpose of life is just coming to terms with that and finding a way to let it sit well.

And that is why I will not be translated anytime soon. I am far too fond of pretending to be (or pretending that I'm supposed to be) in control.


hairyshoefairy said...

That is one wise lady.

I have a love/hate relationship with "being in charge."

Deena said...

You were able to hear that much in any church meeting? Where was Oliver? Or do you have secret control methods for Sundays?

I've been finding out that I don't want control. Then finally someone else can be responsible. But in my head it drives me crazy if they don't do it my way!

Ginnie said...
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Ginnie said...

I'm impressed you got that much out of church. All I can remember is trying to keep the kids from screaming and stopping them from distracting the people in the row behind us.
Gotta love sunday mornings!

tracy m said...

Me too.

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