Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sorry about that disappearance, I've been lazy.
I blame it on the heat.
It's still summer here in Philly.....just summer enough to melt your brain but not summer enough to justify running the A/C all the time. Rotten.

Plus I've been overly-prone to think about other people and not myself. Currently I bore myself to tears, and would rather think about other people. This sounds like it has the potential to be good, but trust me it is far too excessive to be good. Thinking about other people's troubles so that your troubles don't seem so bad is good, but thinking about other people's troubles, frustrations, anxieties, relationships, joys, and hangnails and whatnot gets a bit excessive. I'm trying to figure out how to put the brake on and spend a little bit more time focusing on,
Or more appropriately put, me and my own home and my own family. We've all been a bit neglected by me of late.
Confounded balance, must you show up as an issue in every single avenue of my life? And when did I sign up for this personality that gravitates toward excess? I want a refund.
(some new dilly plants, seeds courtesy of Ari - gifted to us during our Boston trip)


Deena said...

We just had a little heat burst too. ick.

You'll find your balance. It's just like standing in the middle of a seesaw. Too easy to fall one way or the other.

aLi said...

I'm less hopeful, Em, than Glittersmama. Sorry in advance. But, I think that sometimes we are who we are, and we occassionally (or more often than we desire) fall into our "ruts." It's a part of life. You may get going really well along in life, and then all of a sudden sink back down into a rut. It's ok. That's my motto. Maybe I give up too easily. :) Oh, and I'm sure you've heard all this before. So, maybe I should change my mind and add some motivation like glittersmama. But, that would make this a really big comment wouldn't it??? ;)

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