Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Hmmm... somehow I suspect I've used that as a blog title before.

This cradle bedding project is kicking my behind.
I'm about 1/8th finished.

(And I thought it would be relatively simple, how typical of me.) You needn't rub it in if such a project wouldn't take you months to complete.

No pattern = hard

thick cording = hard

thick cording around corners = I call a time out.

Learning new things and not giving up (for more than a few days at a time) = priceless.

(insert exhasperated noises)


Brittany said...

oohhh but I bet it will look so good when you are all done with it!

Deena said...

Just think how incredibly beautiful it is going to be when you do finish it. Go em go!

hairyshoefairy said...

I like the colors you're using. And you're brave to use cording, I think. I never have cuz it scares me.

Guinevere said...

Oh shoot. I'm about to cover a naked ottoman that I got in the as is section of Ikea. I love it because it has storage. But I got cording for it.... Am I going to regret that? I just figured it'd be three layers instead of two.

Any advice on sewing the cord?

Vanessa and Rebecca said...

um gorgeous!!! I hate cording too. yours looks SOOOOO much better than mine ever has. I guess that's what persistance does for you. It looks awesome!

Em said...

nestle - you'll notice there are no corners showing in the photo!

I'm trying to figure out a better method for the corners, any ideas?

Kori said...

What's up with a baby having prettier bedding than I do?! That pattern and cord is gorgeous. Good luck. I didn't even to cording when I made Lily's. Right now I'm working on Halloween costumes and am so grateful for patterns!

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