Friday, October 12, 2007

Sweetness and light

Sir O is going through a terribly endearing phase. He's still mr. wiggley-as-all-get-out but he's starting to express himself more, and he's darling. Just today he finally showed me the signs for "eat" and "more". We've been trying to sign with him since January and had pretty much given up hope that he'd pick up on it, so that was exciting. He's very adamant about wanting me to sit on the couch so that he can sit on my lap (and watch Baby Einstein all day every day) and he giggles all.the.time. He's still shy around strangers, but LOVES other kids. He especially loves neighbor Cole. I swear those two could follow each other around (and push and shove and make messes) all day long. Oliver won't complete a trip up or down the stairwell without knocking on their door. (Unless I'm holding him, of course).
Today Mr Renn had some time so we drove through Valley Forge and spontaneously made a stop and let Sir O walk around. He wanted to hold both of our hands, then he'd giggle and make a mad dash for it... (I think he wanted us to chase him)... until he inevitably tripped himself and fell down. Then we'd help him up and he'd be very insistent on holding both of our hands again and we'd start the whole thing over again. I was very upset with myself for not having the camera with me. He was absolutely in heaven. I so totally love that all he needs to be 100% full of joy is having both his mommy and daddy around.

Oh, and here's a few moments from when we were trying to "watch" conference....Sir O was being terribly distracting.



hairyshoefairy said...

Woohoo! He's groovin'! I love the little "personality" things. So cool to see. Peanut likes Baby Einstein best when I watch it with her, too.

Ali said...

What is it with kids and other kids (or toddlers and other toddlers) they LOVE to be around each other! Yay for Sir O signing! Conrad still will not sign either. We've had flickers of hope, but nothing permanent. (I've sort of given up, too).

Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

He is so cute!! I love the killer dance moves! Ellie also likes watching Baby Einstein. What is the deal with it? I wish I had come up with sticking a bunch of random toys in front of a camera. I would be a rich woman!

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