Friday, November 02, 2007

camera phones

Pardon my less than stellar blogging. I was being a good mother today. I chased Oliver around and played with him, and didn't once try to take his picture. Well, I take that back. I sent a few photos to Mr Renn on his camera phone. It's one of my favorite things to do. Trying to "keep him in the loop" all day long. In fact, here's a glimpse at what he gets to see of Sir O all week:

Just nevermind the part where I smile like I'm in pain and grinding my teeth. And Sir O's uber-red cheeks in that last photo. We think it is a reaction to Orange juice. Fun.
And Mr Renn sent this one back of himself in the lab at school.

And that's us on a weekday. Yippee skippy.


hairyshoefairy said...

What a fun thing for Renn to get during the long days of school.

The lab picture is great! LOL.

Deena said...

Who wouldn't want such cute pictures sent to them?

Vanessa and Rebecca said...


aLi said...

Uh, Mr. Renn looks like he is thoroughly enjoying whatever he's doing right there.
Thanks for keeping us updated, you know I check your blog at least once a day (sometimes more!) lol... ahh, I need a hobby.

Brittany said...

What a good idea to help keep dad in the loop, I bet it makes his day every time he gets one, to know you are thinking of him. PS, I like the pic of you grinding your teeth, I thought to myself, she has perfect teeth, what a good match for Mr. Renn.

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