Thursday, November 08, 2007


I've had a nasty cold for almost 2 weeks now, and in more than one sense have learned the meaning of malaise. Haven't accomplished, or even had a desire to accomplish a darn thing, blogging included. Too sick and icky and busy handling my almost-toddler. He can be a messy, moody little devil. (In the best sense)
Exhibit A: messy (bad example, but he really can make a tremendous speedy mess of himself while eating if I let him)
Exhibit B: Moody. Taken not 15 seconds after exhibit A photo.

I didn't even make it outside today to check the mail. The weather was yucky cold, and Sir O was cuddly. (He's started giving kisses - so cute!)

Luckily my neighbors invited me to peruse the new outlet mall with them, so I got out of the house. While they were trying some things on at the Puma outlet, the most gorgeous song played over the sound system. I sat on a little pleather cube and got lost in the sincerity of it. One of those "boy dealing with tragedy in a uniquely poigniant boy way" songs. Voice kind of like Chris Thyle, but without the bluegrassness. Nobody in the store could tell me what it was, they said it was just a radio channel feed that they play (XM?). The only lyrics I could remember in my foggy mommy brain were "Been talking to Jesus, but He's not talking to me". (I realize that sounds totally depressing and borderline blasphemous, but hey it was a sad song... and we've all felt that way, even if it's not true). Can't find anything online via those lyrics so far.... well I've found plenty of not what I was looking for. So suddenly I find myself on a quest (pointers anyone?) to find this song, and I realized it's the first genuine initiative I've taken in almost a week. I must be feeling better.

Things are looking up, and I'm over 1/2 way through my dollar store sudoku book. (of 300 puzzles). I wish I wasn't such a binger with things like that. Balance and moderation are so elusive for me.

ETA: FOUND IT! Guster, "Empire State" from the 2006 "Ganging Up on the Sun" album.


Methodical Wormer said...

Guster does have some good stuff. I'm sorry you've felt so bad lately, that really stinks! I hope you are better soon. Good luck with Sir O. For some reason they just start experiencing a bunch of emotions, teaching them to control them is very interesting!

hairyshoefairy said...

Hey, I totally recognize those facials. Peanut makes remarkably similar ones.

Sorry you're still feeling like trash. At least your doing something that stimulates your brain. I get sucked into sudoku, too. That's why I haven't bought a book. Nothing would get done until I finished the whole thing.

aLi said...

I know Guster! Not very well, but I'd like to get to know them better! (I have siblings that are big fans, I gave a Guster CD to my bro for Christmas last year).
Sorry about the colds. Conrad's got one, nobody else. And I'm so glad you finally posted again. I've been lost without your relatively frequent posts.

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