Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've got plenty of nothin'

and that's why posting nothin's been plenty for me.

This month-long-slog of "midterms" is killing me. It's starting to feel like Mr Renn has had and is going to have at least two test every week (plus practicals and quizzes) forever. Blah-blecht.

Sir O is being frustratingly independent. He is no fun to feed, I tell you what.

Ah, but here's a bright spot. Mr Renn took a break from studying this weekend and he and I watched the first film that has pleasantly surprised me (in a "delighted" way) in a long while. Avenue Montaigne. If you've ever liked a French film, you might give it a try. It is still French, but it's amiable about it. And I really liked something about Cecile de France's face ....it makes me happy. And Mr Renn netflixed this one, not me. We might all be turning to him for recommendations soon.


Deena said...

It is SO nice when you only have to contend with a work schedule. It really gets better. One more year.

hairyshoefairy said...

Test time really just sucks, especially when it's test time *all* the time. Ugh! I feel your pain.

I think that film is already in my queue. Thanks for the recommendation.

Ashley said...

I know those study days all too well. I would see Justin for maybe an hour each night before he would run off to the curch to go study, his entire 2nd year. Hang in...a suggestion on a good film is Amazing Grace, if you haven't seen it, netflix it. It is based off a true story.

Chell said...

Hang in there This is the toughest year of school. It wil get better for all of you..

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