Friday, February 22, 2008

trust the groundhog

I had a feeling there was some real winter coming. Too bad it came on a morning when Mr Renn had to get to school. Sounds like it was an awful drive.
I myself had to brave it for a VT appointment, and did an uncomfortable amount of fishtailing. But once I was home and cozy again, I decided Sir O should get to experience snow again, so bundle bundle and out we went. (followed by a warm bath, roasted eggplant for lunch, and a healthy nap... nice for him to actually wear himself out).

video video


glittersmama said...

I think I heard Oliver thinking that his dad could beat up that kid's dad. And his transformers.

hairyshoefairy said...

He looks so cute all bundled in his big snow clothes! I love seeing him wander/crawl in the snow. Peanut's never really experienced snow and it kind of makes me sad. But I don't miss the driving in it. I also love the after-snow activities.

aLi said...

Roasted eggplant? That sounds interesting, perhaps delicious. I've only had it once my entire life, and it was fried. And it was good, of course, b/c it was fried.

I wish the groundhog would just go away this year. I mean, I wish winter would go away. Your post made me want to enjoy this a little bit, though... so I thank you.

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