Tuesday, March 18, 2008

another zoo day

Trying to get our money's worth out of our zoo membership, I made a trip out with our neighbors this morning. I tell you what, when the kiddies outnumber the adults, it is a whole different experience! (Needless to say I took about 5 total photos...so here you go)
Cole and Oliver both looking like they are having a great time, no? Actually Cole got pretty terrorized when one of the Lions came to investigate us and pounced on the glass. I'm pretty sure I had a similar terrorizing with a gorilla when I was little, right mom?
Baby Ali who was angelic to the last..... well, if by "the last" I mean until the car ride home. She earned her right to be cranky then.
Two very thoroughly boyish boys.
Sir O (& Cole) on the tractor-ish-contraption in the children's petting zoo area.
Yup, he still LOVES to drive!


Chell said...

FUn stuff, you are very brave to go when the kids out number the adults..

The Skinners said...

What a day huh? I need to get some pics on my blog too... my camera is somewhere???? Still unpacking my bag from yesterday ha ha.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

How fun! It is actually starting to get a little warmer here! I am so antsy to get out and actually do something outside!

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