Thursday, April 10, 2008

little tender mercies

A funny thing happened today.
I'd had my eye on this little slide on display out in front of the second-hand store for over a week. (I recognize that it's a big hunk of brightly colored plastic, but as you can see it was a hit, as I suspected it might be) I finally stopped yesterday to look at it, and was really bummed at the crazy price-tag. I couldn't justify it. I drove home all pouty, thinking of how much fun sir O would have had with it. I was also thinking, "Well, that explains it's still there after a week". After chatting with my visiting teachers this morning, I decided to head back and try to talk the price down. If you know me at all you find this hilarious, because I've never talked my way into any sort of a good deal or situation. My powers of persuasion are, um lacking.
Lo and behold, as I pull into the parking lot I see I big "50% off" sign plastered all over the slide of Sir O's dreams. It is the slide of Sir O's dreams because it can be played with in our apartment courtyard, then brought inside to save it from abuse from some of my less-favorite neighbors. I snatched it right up and brought it home. Sir O still prefers eating dirt to playing on his new slide when he's outside, but it comes in a close second (baby steps). Plus all the other little kids seemed to like it too, bonus. Someday Sir O will appreciate my attempts to boost his popularity. Until then, there's a heap of brightly colored plastic to show I tried.


Kati said...

That is so cute! How old is O? Abbi is 18 months. And boy am I not looking forward to the terrible twos....she is already acting like it.
Good shopping. I too like to go and look at things over and over until I get it.

Ashley said...

Doesn't a great deal just make your day? I get a high from a great deal... seriosuly. I would consider myself a professional craigslist shopper.

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