Saturday, April 05, 2008

My new self-helpism

Slow and steady winning the race here.
Sir O is sprouting teeth like there's no tomorrow. Moody devil.
In other news, I'm facing up to some failed new-years resolutions. Well, I shouldn't say failed... as the year's not over. How about "not doing so hot in the fulfillment department?"
Personal scripture study? - conspicuous lack of checks
Exercise? - pathetic lack of checks
Being willing to embrace the housekeeping part of homemaking, look at it as a loving service to my family, and keep surfaces such as the kitchen floor sanitary?- Hmmm..... what would a "some days are better than others" check look like?

So, I've been trying to confront my soft-underbelly spots lately. I have to face the fact that the best things Mr Renn and I can teach Sir O are the ones we teach by example. So if I can manage to teach Sir O the importance of important things by making them important in my everyday life, that will be ever so much more effective than so much preaching later on. But hot dog, it's hard to keep your life structured enough to be teaching anything by example when you're in my particular stage of life.


I've been strapping Sir O down each morning while I prepare him a healthy breakfast that includes nearly all food groups. He's particularly fond of the maple syrup food group. He is getting very good at using a spoon to shovel apple sauce into his mouth and nose. But I cannot complain since less and less applesauce is being found anywhere besides his mouth and nose.

And most days I even get a few bites in for myself.

The weather has been damp, but not too cold. Friday morning I took the time to assemble my jogging stroller and take Sir O for a walk around Mill Grove. Starting an exercise routine is the hardest part. There are no immediate results, and I don't dare break into an actual jog because it would be too embarrasing to be winded after 30 seconds. Somebody might see me make that pathetic burst, since I don't get out there until nearly noon.

Oh, and I'm trying to be better about flossing and wearing my retainers at night too.

I know that if I stick to something long enough, without allowing interruptions, I can make it such a habit that it's no longer even a little bit hard for me to do it. I'll do it without even thinking about not doing it. I've already arrived there with taking my vitamins and making the bed every morning. Somehow I'm determined to squash more good habits into myself.

I read somewhere that the best way to form a good habit is to think of your progress as a chain. Every time you keep your good habit in your routine you are adding a link to the chain. But any time you skip out, the chain ends and you have to start all over. This little mind game is supposed to have great power for motivation on those days when nobody would know, or you'd be perfectly justified..... you know?

Hmmmm. We'll see how I do. The end.


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how very much I relate.

This might be helpful: I found I can get scriptures in easier if I read them to Peanut while she's eating breakfast in the morning. Then she can hear it and I read it.

Katie May said...

wow! That really gets me motivated to keep up with the goals I'm slacking on. I love the idea of a chain link. Thanks, Emily.

j cubed said...

Oh Emily you make me smile. I love you. It is so hard to smash good habits into ourselves, but we must keep trying. Big Hug.

aLi said...

Good luck, Em! At least you're trying to be better! It's so hard with a busy toddler, though, so don't beat yourself up.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Ha ha ha! I know how you feel with the getting winded in 30 seconds thing! I started a new exercise program last week, and I actually kept up on it 6 days last week and did it today as well! So far so good....

somestratt said...

Hmm, sounds somewhat similar to what I hear myself saying everyday! Good luck on making those check marks.

Cam said...

Since you seem like you might be a multi-tasking kind of person, give what works for me a try.

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