Saturday, April 12, 2008

tagged again


Rules, Schmoolz. I can't link you to my tagger's privatized blog and I don't tag other people on principle, so let's get to the good stuff.

(rule#)2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

Fact #1:
I want a minivan. I have never been one of those minivan scoffers. I won't be sighing and saying "I swore I'd never drive a minivan".... if I ever get to drive one. I love being able to tote lots of people without being so high up I feel like I'm driving a bus. I loved the couple of months I drove a minivan in high school (before I led it to it's cruel, violent death). Being able to offer lots of people rides was awesome. And it would be so much more accomodating for roadtrips than squishing into our wee car. Unfortunately, the wee car isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Fact #2:
I have had consistent neck and back pain for almost 10 years. Never goes away. We highly suspect it is directly related to the cruel, violent death of the minivan in high school. But I have kind of learned to cope. Only when the neck pain sprouts into a migraine do I have to give up and be miserable. And usually getting enough sleep, avoiding stress and avoiding any form of crying keeps those at bay.

Fact #3:
I loved loved college, but sometimes wish I'd done something braver (and more employable) like a trade school. (Culinary, photography, graphic design) Then I think of all the awesome epiphanies and lectures I'd have had to miss and then I just wish I could have had my cake and eaten it too.

Fact #4:
I harbor a secret dream of being a Christmas cookie master. My friend Ari's mother-in-law is my ultimate example. Every Christmas she creates a literal Noah's Ark of beautifully decorated sugar cookies (dozens of ark's-worth of them actually), along with a pantheon of yummy prize-worthy treats. I would love to pull that off. What the allure is for me, I could not explain, but I would love it.

Fact #5:
I am on the brink of having a fully functional sewing machine again, after over a year of having only a semi-functional to non-functional one. I am giddy with excitement and suddenly I can't see how life without a sewing machine was ever worth living. Noteworthy: I have the sewing skills of a second-grader, give or take a little. But I love the feeling of using or wearing or gifting something I made!

Fact #6:
I have been wearing glasses every day for almost 3 years. While I was living in Utah my eyes were too dry to comfortably wear contacts, and with my computer/desk job my vision rapidly deteriorated. I hate wearing glasses. I hate not being able to see clearly even more. And for now there is no money for contacts-that-I-may-not-even-be-able-to-wear-because-maybe-I'll-have-dry-eyes-in-PA-too thoughts.

Fact #7:
Some days I really miss having friends who loved watching foreign/independent/artsy films with me. Those are a significant source of happy-thoughts in my life, and it gets lonely feeling like I'm the only one around that loves them. But then I have to appreciate (even more) my husband who will sit through any of them with me, (when he can find the time) even if he thinks some of them are a bit odd. Like Little Otik, even I can only describe that one as odd.


amyorr said...

I liked your tagging style. I ahve been tagged a couple times but have never liked the tagging format. I will have to give your's a try. How to get a mini-van?....... child # 3. Get to work. haha

Ashley said...

I hear you on the minivan thing. I LOVE having one, but my friend who has three kids and crames them all into a small car said she will NEVER get one. What is it people don't like about them???? They are wonderful. I especially love after school being able to help other moms by taking home their kids or having them over to play. I actually use to keep extra car seats in the back, but now it is our haul junk away from our home remodel car so we keep the back seat folded in the floor. I loved learning more about you! Thanks for doing it. By the way, so sorry to hear about your neck and back pain.

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