Friday, May 16, 2008

diving in for air

You know, toddlers are HARD. Even sweet good tempered ones.
I do not get 2 minutes in a row to myself when he is awake and I'm feeling a little ragged. Sir O is going through a needy phase. He NEEDS me to "sit here" (pats the seat next to him and yells until I comply), He NEEDS me to come here NOW (grabs me by a finger and pulls until I follow.... oh, and yells). He NEEDS me to hold still so he can climb all over me and kick, nudge, grab and scratch me (all without malice, I know, sounds weird). And if I ever decide I'm not up for it, he makes sure I regret it. He's getting to be a magician of a mess-maker.
Good thing he's cute, and sweet, and cuddly. Otherwise I might quit.

Hosting a 14 hour Jane Austen Movie Marathon tomorrow. Should be fun if I can keep Sir O happy through it.

And if blogger and my computer ever decide to get along again, I may find myself with more to say (and show).


Anonymous said...

I could have written this exact post! We're dealing with the same thing right now in our little household. It's exhausting. It's a good thing they're cute and we love them, huh? Good luck with yours during your film festival tomorrow. That sounds like so much fun.

Brittany said...

14 hours of Jane Austen? Wow, that's dedication. Hope you have a good time and are able to relax a little bit. PS- Sir O looks so handsome in that tuxedo. He didn't seem to hate it too much. We put Caleb in one for Rachelle's wedding, and he despised it.

Jenna said...

Oh little Oli, I just love him! One day, i'm sure, you'll look back and cherish the time that he really NEEDED you. But for now I wish you the best. I'm not looking forward to the day when Brinley becomes mobile!

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