Saturday, July 12, 2008

every sort of behind

This is sad. I find myself on a day when blogger and my computer feel like quasi-cooperating, and I have no new pictures to share. And Sir O is taking a blissful nap.

I have not been documenting him like I should. He's a riot lately, and loves to give kisses. He also loves to eat potato chips, but that's another story and I blame his dad entirely. I don't even like potato chips and when I am the designated-grocery-store-shopper I never buy them. Alas, in these days of Emily-pukes-if-she's-within-30-yards-of-a-grocery-store, Mr Renn has taken over. And thus we find an abundance of potato chips being smushed into the carpet and dragged all over the house. (To be later found in the oddest of places).
He loves dragging around any object that has a semblance of being on a string. Aprons, pants with built-in-suspenders, skirts and dresses with attached fabric belts. All these things I also find in the strangest of places.
And crayons are not for coloring with, they are for creating systematic object-art. They satisfy Sir O's need to line up similar objects very neatly. Or he can dump them all from their box into a waste bin, also very satisfying.
His favorite word lately is "hat". Sadly it usually refers to his bowl full of food as he inverts it on his head.
Well, honestly "no" is still his favorite word, I don't see that one being challenged for quite some time yet.


Brittany said...

Sir O looks so cute in his wet suit! Ugh, I wou ld not like to be in your position and have Sir O constantly wearing his "hat." Cleaning up soogy cereal is none fun. I know frome xperience because Bry will take cereal in his car on teh way to work and then he leaves them in there to get soggy and stinky . He brings 5 cups in on Friday evenings. Yuck! Anyway, that's a ranting of my own. I'm glad Sir O can get out for some summer fun. Do you still have his little wading pool from last year?

aLi said...

I love every thing you said about Sir O. Conrad is doing those things, too. He loves pulling around things with strings on them, he loves emptying and re-loading the crayons or markers (he actually really enjoys throwing them on the floor to get a reaction from me), and he loves to pretend his bowl is a hat. His favorite words lately are MESS and DIRTY. Little poop.
I enjoy reading about Sir O because him and Conrad are right about on the same level! You just explain Sir O so cute that I enjoy how you put it together.

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