Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This kid's got attitude

Originally uploaded by mlehess
And he misses his daddy.
Can we say "hunger strike"?


Brittany said...

I bet you're missing Renn as much as Sir O is. But he sure is dashing in that outfit. (Is it ok to call them outfits if boys are wearing them?) Are you past the yucky stage yet?

Ashley said...

...but from the looks of it, he can "cute" his way out of anything... ;)

--jeff * said...


hi. it's been a while. one thing i've always liked about your blog is that, though you post often, the posts are often "bite size." getting caught up with you is easy to do.

i'll keep in touch more frequently.

i also took the "which city do you belong in?" quiz. i belong in paris. i didn't know that about me.

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