Wednesday, August 06, 2008

17.5 weeks

17.5 weeks
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Ah, the reporting in. Thanks to all the nice people who keep hinting that I ought to say whether I'm feeling better or not.
Very very slowly I am, thank you. Although I backpedal some days.

I spent part of the last week marathoning it through the 1040 pages or so of Gone with the Wind. (After Tracy M made me realize that despite writing a manifesto about the film in college, I'd never read the book). I remembered how lovely it is to really sink into a book with your whole self and read like a maniac. I also realized that pregnant mothers were perhaps never meant to read like that. The house fell to pieces and I got very sick from staying up late reading. Poor Sir O got very much neglected. It will be a long while before I read 1040 pages in 3 days again. Meaning I ought not to pick up any book that is difficult to put back down.

Sometimes it is so hard to find balance in the life of a young mother. I WANT to be a person who reads and watches great films and stays up to date on all that is virtuous and lovely and praiseworthy...... but not at the expense of my children. Quite the dilema.


betsey said...

I don't know...Was it really that bad for Oliver? Were your batteries recharged by the experience? I personally think that sometimes we worry too much about a few days or hours of "slacking" as a mommy. I spent Monday watching season 7 of the Gilmore Girls. I fed Nora and made sure she didn't swallow anything while I got my G.G. fix. I felt happy (well, sort of...that was a lot of T.V.) and had more mommy energy the next day.

It is a balance though. But honestly, indulge a little! Student life and motherhood are both full of sacrifices!

Brittany said...

Cute little baby bump you have there! Glad to hear you are on the mend. Do you know what you are having yet? Or are you going to find out at all?

PS - I think it's ok to have some "you time" but I also know how hard the balance is to find. I seem to remember you giving me some good advice on the matter on my blog about a month ago.

aLi said...

I really liked Betsey's advice. It's ok to have a break so you can be a better mom the next day, or at least, it's Ok to have a break!
Thanks for showing us your baby bump, I hated that inbetween stage. It sucks. I like your polyvore outfit, too. You are so creative. My polyvore outfit would consist of 2, maybe 3 pieces. I need help in the fashion dept. Oh, and are you guys going to find out what you are having? Do you have any inclination towards boy or girl?

Chantele Sedgwick said...

It is hard to find balance with your time and kids. I have my own little hour every day while Kinley is taking a nap, and Caden watches a movie. I either read, or blog, or clean. Cleaning isn't my favorite thing to do, but how can you clean when you have two little ones following you around? When the kids are in bed, I either hang out with hubby or scrapbook. I have found a little balance, but not a lot. Maybe when the kids get older it will get easier for me. Your little belly is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute! I'm glad you posted a belly shot and that you're mostly feeling better. My house falls by the wayside when I get new books, too, but I just can't seem to help myself. At least when I'm done I try to put the house back together before I start another one. I may need to pick up GWTW, as I've never read it either, but love the film.

la_sale_bete said...

you've a really ambitious reader--i remember when you were reading Jude the Obscure. i was amazed (as i was struggling through a book about a fifth as long).

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