Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Philly and Cousin Rachel

Great times were had today. I took my cousin Rachel downtown to see the crazy places she'd heard so much about (her dad served a 2 year mission here... back in the day).
Sir O was a pretty good trooper (until he got hungry or tired), and I'd like to think I was just as much of a trooper, but the fact of the matter is I'm sure I was pretty whiney. Plus we had some less-fun details thrown in there. Like Mr Renn calling to say our car had been broken into at his school (luckily there was nothing to steal, so we're just dealing with a broken window), and getting oh so very lost on the way home (I missed my freeway entrance ramp). Every day is an adventure, right?


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun, aside from getting lost and getting broken in to. I hate that some people destroy others property to take something that isn't theirs. Grr. At least nothing was taken.

aLi said...

I have to say your baby bump is verry cute! Sir O is getting bigger, too!
I had mr car broken into when I was 17. I felt very violated, they stole my CD player. I am very sorry to hear about that. It kinda makes you feel like hope is lost for humanity. Ok, that's just how I felt (I was 17, ok?)!

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