Thursday, September 25, 2008


Mid-week slumping. There's just not much of note going on, unless I start paying attention to life, which is harder than it sounds.
So, with that in mind:
  • I tried new recipes this week for Zucchini Parmesan Soup (most excellent) and Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies (I think I overbaked a little, worth trying again). I really really love trying recipes that have been recommended by bloggers.
  • I'm beginning to organize my thoughts and figure out what a January baby will need that a July baby didn't. So much for already having oodles of boy clothes, eh?
  • Sir O is speaking in 2-3 word complete thoughts, his speech has actually picked up quite a bit in the last two weeks, (which is nice, after it stagnated for the 3 months before that...)
  • Since scraping his elbow yesterday, Sir O has become fixated with bandaids. (And with finding dangerous ways to get his little self elevated to try doing the dishes some more.)
  • Sir O is currently wearing plaid board shorts over his pajamas, because he wanted to.
  • I finally got an appointment for Sir O to get a flu shot (good mom), but still need to do the same for Mr Renn and myself (bad mom). Especially with a winter baby coming.
  • We are beginning to experience the violent, flailing, unreasonable tantrums of the terrible twos. They are kind of funny when they aren't dangerous. And seriously, they come out of nowhere.
Does that sound anything like your middle of the week?


shelley said...

I woke up an refused to believe it was *only* Thursday. Isn't it Friday....yet? Please?

I'm so excited for you're having another baby! What names are you thinking of? How do you think Sir O will react to having a sib?

Anonymous said...

Why yes, that does sound quite a bit like my middle of the week. In fact Peanut is tantrum throwing as I type this. 'Cause, you know, she doesn't want to sit in her high chair to eat dinner. NYDD and I are such mean parents. I do like that they can put a few little thoughts into words at this age, though. I'm kind of thankful April isn't too terribly far removed from July - especially in the bay area. Now if I only knew if we were having another girl or not. . .

Kaydee said...

First of all, you have the cutest preggo belly I have every seen. I did not look that cute. Second yeah for BBC drama. I have just gotten paul into them...even though he may not admit it. And if it makes you feel better I have only gotten a flu shot once in the last eight years and ironically it was the only year I got the flu!

--jeff * said...

sometimes i get the "terrible two" tantrum flare-ups, and the board shorts outside the pajamas is something i may follow sir o in.
but i haven't been baking as much as you, though i did make a successful tres leches cake this week. but that's where our midweek similarities cease.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Agghhh! Flu shots. I have actually called and have gotten a day written down to get my kids some. My hubby gets a free one from school, and I have to pay for mine. I know all about the tantrums. They are kind of funny sometimes!

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