Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A patchwork post

Nothing coherent coming from me today, but everydayness isn't necessarily ordinary.
  • My friend Jeff sent me over to read his brother's post about salt. I love it so much I must share.
  • An Aldi opened in my neighborhood today. They gave me a free quarter and a keychain to keep a quarter handy in, plus free grocery bags. (you have to put a quarter in to use a cart, which you get back when you return the cart to the front of the store, and they cut costs by not bagging your food, you bring your own and do it as you unload your food into your car) Aren't grand openings grand? (The $5 coupon didn't hurt either)
  • The fogginess of my pregnant brain doesn't seem so startling this time around. I assume that's because it never quite got back up to par in between pregnancies. But there are still moments when there is no other excuse for my insipidity.
  • Sir O felt the baby move this morning, I think it wierded him out. But we have taught him pretty well to be "soft" around my belly. He likes to pat it and give it kisses. It's about the only time I see him be gentle.
  • I can no longer carry two loads of laundry down 3 flights of stairs (I haven't been able to carry 2 loads up those same stairs for a few weeks now). Laundry takes forever, especially when you have to wait for someone to show up and move their stuff out of the machine so you can use it. So many trips down the stairs in vain.
  • Sir O gets his flu shot tomorrow. The pediatrician strongly recommended we all get them with this baby coming in the middle of flu season, in the middle of flu-riddled Southeastern PA.
  • Sir O looks extra-cute in warm jammies.
  • Mr. Renn and I have started reading this book together, as recommended to us by lots of folks (but first by Angela almost 2 years ago). If I can keep Mr Renn awake through it I hope it will be helpful. I'm realizing I grew up with a lot of helicopter parenting (which in this book means rescuing your kids from consequences). And I have strong impulses to be the same. I sense I need to keep that in check.
  • At our second grocery-store trip today, the store was out of carts with seatbelts, so I relented and let Sir O ride in one of the obnoxious "car-carts". (The store is across the street from a massive Senior-living complex, and I think there must have been 300 customers inside the store wearing hearing-aids... and using the carts with working seatbelts.) Sir O LOVED that cart. It was a behemoth to push, and I had to tear him screaming, tooth and nail, out of it to go home. Exhausting.
  • I still have a lot of groceries to unload, but blogging sounded like more fun. Maybe I should go do that before I have to leave for piano in a few minutes?
  • Ok, ciao!


The Perry family said...

Loved the link to your friends post about salt, let me know how the book is, and I decided to move my laundry day to Thursday so that we're not both waiting for someone to move their laundry.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Shared laundry is the worst. I still get all annoyed when I remember. Thanks for the link to the salt post. Loved it.

E n D said...

Yay for ALDI! I didn't know they were open yet, I'll have to go check it out!

--jeff * said...

if you can still use words like "insipidity", you can't be too foggy. ; )

thanks for the "salt" post endorsement. it makes me grin. = D

Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

I just finished that book but it was the older edition. I think it has great ideas,like sharing the control by giving choices. I’m trying to work on natural consequences right now for Ellie since she is still pretty young. Like if you drop your stinkin’ drink off the highchair, it goes "bye bye" into the fridge. And boy does she hate that! Magically, she no longer drops her drink.

Chell said...

ALDI?? Really? Where have I been I had no idea there was one opening near us.

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