Sunday, October 05, 2008

Scenes from our Saturday

As forcasted Saturday was lovely. Included pumpkin muffins, a trip to the farmer's market, morning conference session where I took notes and Sir O and Mr Renn played trains, a visit to the Mill Grove Harvest Fair, more conference where Mr Renn and I snuggled under a blanket (and I still took notes), Mr Renn making some amazing broccoli soup (with our farmer's market bounty), Sir O being inconsolable about Mr Renn leaving for the Priesthood Session, Sir O being inconsolable when I limited his "doing the dishes" time to 45 minutes, some fun girlies coming over for a movie, a nice phone call with my mom, and Mr Renn bringing me home some ice cream.

Can't beat that.

1 comment:

aLi said...

Oh man you guys are such a cute family. Everything you did sounds like a dream. I am just happy Josh is home today and not at the school studying like he was yesterday. :)
Em you are looking sooo cute! I love your style + pregnant belly = adorable!

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