Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sir O and I in the PM

Mr Renn took the night off to go watch the BYU game with some friends. That left Sir O and I to our own devices, which is always worrisome at night. (Because I lose any semblance of control as a parent.) So here's what we do with ourselves when left alone in the evening, first Sir O show us his mad booger-sucking skills and talent for ignoring his mom:
Then Sir O and I watch dozens of videos of trains passing. I worry about the people who make these things, but Sir O, as you can see, LOOOVES them! He does not, however, love being recorded. Can you tell?

See, so now it's like you were there with us all evening, so in a sense we weren't left alone after all! Gah!

In other news, my calendar tells me that today is Bosses day. Have you hugged and snuggled with your boss(es) today? I have.

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--jeff * said...

the concept of videos to let us be with you on your evening home alone is an odd side-effect of the internet. though, i suppose, it's rather "you're wiith us."

if i had a boss to hug or snuggle, i would.

i am impressed with your massive list of blogs and rsses and websites you keep up with- how do you follow so much?

lest the rhetoric be lost: it's because you're emily hess flinders.

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