Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Thoughts you may not have thought of

Today our whole family is sort of in a funk. Sir O has discovered he is strong enough to open the refrigerator door and it's causing some issues.

Methinks we'll be forking over money for a baby-proofing appliance lock tomorrow. We'll see if Mr Renn's frugality allows it.

In an attempt to end the day on a happier note, I thought I'd think of some happiness.
  • I love Richard Burton's voice. (Mr Renn and I have been watching Becket) I could listen to him talk all day long. {It's funny to say that in the present tense since he died when I was younger than Sir O is now.} His talent was definitely for stylized stage acting rather than film acting, but I'm happy he did so many films since otherwise I'd never get to listen to him talk. The wikipedia article quotes someone saying "His voice has gem-cutting precision." Spot on. Funny how the most talented people are often the most unhappy though. Sad life, his. Makes me grateful for my mediocrity.
  • Sir O has taken to singing to himself while riding in the car. It's adorable.
  • The Belly Monster's head has dropped and lodged itself between my hips. Already. It has now been determined that he will join us by January 6th.
  • Today I wrapped all existing Christmas Presents, mostly because I have no place to keep them hidden in our squishy apartment.
  • I've just enlisted your help to try to find drinking chocolate (not cocoa) for less than a dollar an ounce. Call it a pregnancy craving, and another validation of my mother accusing me of having expensive taste. (Which she's been doing for at least 20 years)
  • Mr Renn is taking himself to an Eagles game (on Thanksgiving Day) for his Christmas present. (Somebody got him & his cronies a screaming deal) On the bright side I don't have to come up with a gift for him. On the less bright side, this gift has nothing to do with me, and it'll be awfully anti-climactic come Christmas morning, don't you think?
  • Sir O excitedly watched the snow fall (while standing on and rocking the rocking chair by the window) for 20 minutes this morning. His attention span is definitely lengthening.
  • I get to see my cousin and his family in 1 week (right guys?)
  • I'm making whipped sweet potatoes again this Thanksgiving, and they are dang good.
  • My brother (formerly...) is laying hardwood floors at my parents' house. From what I've been able to see of them he's doing a beautiful job and I'm so proud of him. (in progress photo)
  • I love these mini journals... I might have to make myself some.
  • My parents are trying to rig a webcam at my 20yr brother's wedding reception this December so that I can "be there". I think it's hilarious and sweet, and could be lots of fun.
  • I really can't carry Oliver up the stairs to the apartment any more (especially if I'm carrying groceries or the like), and I need to think of something to bribe him up the stairs with other than candy. Ideas? (See I don't carry him because he wants to be held or can't get up them himself... it's because I don't want to spend 30 minutes coaxing him up step by step....)
  • Mr Renn is singing in the choir for the interfaith performance of The Messiah that our church is putting on in a few weeks. (My lungs are too squished this year). It's lots of fun to have regular home-rehearsals, sing-a-long style.
  • I'm going to bed. I'm going to sleep in tomorrow morning, and I'm not going to feel guilty about it.
  • Ciao.


Deena said...

I went to amazon and searched for drinking chocolate. All kinds of stuff came up, but I'm no connoisseur of that stuff. The prices didn't look too bad. They were at least less expensive than the Williams-Sonoma brand.

Enjoy your sleep-in!

em said...

It's 9:07 AM...I hope you're still sleeping. (I don't consider it 'sleeping in' until after 9:30.)

January 6th?!? Maybe you can coerce him into showing up before the 1st so you can claim the tax rebate for this year ;) BONUS! (And double Merry Christmas for YOU, right? HA!)

Good luck with the bribing up the stairs thing...maybe expensive drinking chocolate??

shelley said...

I have expensive tastes too, Em. Just so long as we don't let it run amok, right? I mean, in small quantities it's not bad? At least, that's how I justify it :).

Katie May said...

Yes! Yes, we're coming to see you! And, what does this baby need? Since, we might not see you again until he's born (crazy thought, huh?) Plus, I have girls so my thinking may be off, but stickers hold a lot of power in my house.

aLi said...

thanks for making me a little happier!

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