Sunday, December 14, 2008

36 weeks, redefining tired

We are getting there.
Between having 4-5 contractions every hour, heartburn, spreading hips, and other squished organs.... I have not slept well this week.
This thing is getting heavy.
Sir O doesn't cut me any slack.
I am exhausted on new levels.


Mr Renn has finals this week, and after Thursday he'll be all ours. That will be lovely. The days before that might be rough, but we'll make it.

I'm at the point where I'm consumed with looking for the nearest place to sit down, or trying to figure out a comfortable reclined position that doesn't make me feel like I ate hot lava. You know, fascinating and deep type thoughts. I'm almost ready to make the "I'm ready to be done" comments, except for the part where being done requires figuring out a newborn and not-sleeping some more.

But I'm desperately tired of the contractions. I've been having them since 19 weeks and they get a little more painful every time. I'm trying to remember that on the bright side my labor will likely be shorter, but at the moment that's not cheering me up much. It is not fun to be constantly aware of one's uterine muscles.

And lest I sound whine-ey, I must add how excited our whole family is for Mr Renn's performance in The Messiah tonight. It's become such a fun tradition, I highly recommend it.


Lacey said...

oh emily i am so sorry you have been having so many contractions, how awful! but you are such a strong person if anyone can handle it you can! you are almost there! and you look beautiful, does that help?

--jeff * said...

the statement of having "ate hot lava" gives new meaning to the idea of "deep and fascinating thoughts." you never disappoint, em.

and i am intrigued by mr. renn in "the Messiah." that does sound good.

Cam said...

I did not know that Renn has musical talents. Kewl!

Katie May said... are so enviably cute!

Angela said...

Good luck with the contractions, they certainly can be irritating when you don't know if they are going to amp up or not! Hooray for finals almost being over!

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