Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dashing through December

Between keeping Sir O alive, wrapping up Christmas gifts that really need to be in the mail already, finishing my brother's wedding video despite an uncooperative computer, trying to remember everything on my "before the baby comes" list, and coming up with a way to take a 2 month break from teaching piano, (that involved creating packets of music and CD's and other such work for me).... I have been busy and boring.

Well, all of that on top of feeling like roadkill.

I finally fell asleep last night only to have the baby punch me in the sciatic nerve. Repeatedly. That's not the sort of thing you sleep through. I'm very happy that this baby is so healthy and active, but I will never be one of those people who loves feeling their baby move. I suppose it's just because I've had near-violent babies in there. I'd much prefer peace and quiet and the ability to sleep for 2 hours straight. (Not that I'm going to get that anytime soon......)

Now, it's time for me to stop blogging, go convince Sir O he wants to take a bath to get the syrup out of his hair, and bundle the two (three?) of us up to go find out if I'm dialated. Who's jealous?

Mr Renn is taking his last final (of the semester) right now. We will be partying later. You know, as soon as we get the confounded Christmas mail out.

And p.s. that was mud of the "Mr Renn letting Sir O run around outside without a coat because he was throwing a tantrum, and he inevitably fell in a puddle" variety. To his credit he had it all cleaned up before I got home, after he took the photo.


Anonymous said...

The finals weeks of baby movement can be so rough on you. Yay for being done with finals!! Squee! Free, free, for a few weeks at least. Good luck with all the stuff you have to finish. I'm feeling the crunch, too, and am really hoping to make it to the post office today. We'll see if it actually happens.

--jeff * said...

i'd say that anytime you can describe your mood as "roadkill", you've probably got something interesting to write about.

for instance, i had no idea you taught piano. or that a baby could actually get within striking distance of your sciatic nerve.

but, mostly, i am, like most people, happy to hear that that was just mud. and that mr renn had everything cleaned by the time you got home.

and that you take time to write for us.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

That is the only thing I like about being pregnant. Feeling baby move.
Yay for finals being over!!! It's nice to have a hubby for a few weeks eh?

Anonymous said...

sunset boulevard is one of my favorite movies!

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