Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nobody here but us chickens

O and I enjoying a clementine
We are being massive homebodies around these parts.
Which is good, as that's about all I've got the energy to be.
Tackling all the procrastinated corners of our apartment, one at a time.
Playing trains a lot.
Remaining in complete denial about how soon this baby will be joining us.
How is it I can feel so much less prepared for the second than I did for the first?
Well, I assume it's because I've had so much less time to think about this baby than I did with Sir O. Having a toddler around is not conducive to any type of contemplation. (Unless you want to contemplate how quickly a toddler can get into trouble).
Tonight after dinner I sat down next to Sir O on the couch and almost instantaneously fell fast asleep. I woke up to a sing-a-long Thomas-the-tank-engine serenade who knows how long after.

After watching It's a Wonderful Life, Sir O has started waving his hands atop his head and shouting "Hee Haw". He's also been saying "Thank You" without provocation, which makes me feel immensely successful as a parent.
If only all his behaviors were so desirable.
P.S. Post title is from this movie. If you already knew that then I love you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That sounds cozy. I'm feeling the same way about #2. I have no clothes, no shoes, no anything. Haven't even really thought about it. At least I still have a few more months to figure it all out - if I can find the time.

I haven't seen that film in years and years! I wonder if my parents still have it. I want to go dig through their movies and watch it now. Thanks for the reminder.

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