Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh what a morning....

I should know by now to abandon ambition.
But I can't seem to keep that lesson learned.
Sir O has expressed a great love of "washing" things lately, so I thought this morning I would let him help me wash walls and floors while the Captain slept.
Only I guess I forgot to give the Captain the memo to stay asleep until we were done. So while I attended to this:

Sir O decided to wash himself as well as the walls...
Slightly ew, and very soggy.
Can't seem to win.


The Hodges Family said...

I can only imagine..Sir O sure does keep you on your toes... They're still so dang adorable.

Anonymous said...

He's such a cute helper, though. Also, I think you need a sling. :)

aLi said...

oh wow, way to be ambitious.

--jeff * said...

soggy but clean ain't too shabby.

props to sir o for wanting to help out.

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