Monday, February 23, 2009


a night time photo of the Captain who only sleeps when being held of late

The song from "Carousel" goes,
When the children are asleep we'll sit and dream.....
But when you can only dream of both children sleeping at the same time, you get a little crazy.
Lack of sleep has nasty side effects when you are me.
Your fuse shortens to a nub.
You get headaches.
Simple tasks become herculean hurdles.
Your perspective becomes rather cloudy and pessimism sets in.
You are not very fun to live with or come home to.

Between Sir O taking a ridiculous amount of time falling asleep at night and naptime and the Captain deciding that he cannot possibly stay asleep or be content if he is not being held..... the last 36 hours have been a trick. Throw in Sir O's unintentional homicidal tendencies and WOW.

The sort of day when you call your mom and say, "Save me!"
Except if you are me then your mom is 7,000 miles away.
Luckily we had a spot of neighborly intervention after dinner. I got to wash the dishes in relatively uninterrupted peace. That's a pathetic, but very real kind of bliss.

Luckily there are some tender mercies thrown in the mix. When he's not trying to kill his brother, Sir O has been quite fun of late. We spent this morning sorting buttons by color and counting them. Then he got into an organizing frenzy and starting placing everything "just so" in some pretty funny patterns, many of which I stumbled upon long after the fact.And some Sir O catchphrases:

That's better
Sorry baby (in between smacks upside the head)
Candy! 2,3,4,5 (I've been making him tell me how many he wants before I'll give him any)
Read red caboose
help you (means 'help me')
Thanks! (just switched to this instead of 'thank you')

And of course all of those have a "mommy" attached at one end or the other. I have to say, the unprovoked thanks are fantastic rockstar moments. I live for those.


The Blandon's said...

Blake is just starting to say help me instead of help you. He also use to say "carry you" (instead of me).
Your boys are so precious!

aLi said...

So cute. I love your writing. You really make me laugh. And I also feel your pain about the non-sleep phase. I am the same way. If I lived closer I would offer my services!!! Because sleep is a NECESSITY. And moms shouldn't have to suffer having a 2 year old AND no sleep AND HELLO a NEW BABY. Krikey.

--jeff * said...

i don't remember that song from "carousel".... i was in it during my sophomore year of high school and didn't much care for it. kind of a downer show.

while we can't do much (most of the time), you do have a legion of fans on the interweb (of which i am jealous) who do support and cheer for you more with each post.

and i did enjoy the sir o phrase list.

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