Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sir Oisms

Sir O's vocabulary is always taking in new territory.
And the more he figures out how to voice his opinion the more his opinion amuses me.

When he doesn't want to do something he says, "Sorry, can't"
Which is much more difficult to argue against than a simple "no"

He's taken to saying "That's good" over and over again when he likes what he's eating. (Especially when it's being fed to him by someone who's not me)
And he says "not good" when he really doesn't like something..... and when I ask him why he wants me to stop singing in the car.......

He's unfortunately figured out that "okay" gets us to stop nagging, even if it's not what he means. Which is a really nice way of calling him a liar.

"Oliver you need to pick up your trucks/trains/blocks/books now."
But no picking up actually occurs. Drives me batty.

He's still got wonder ears that always hear the Captain crying before I do. "Mommy, baby's crying" Followed by "I'm coming baby g____!"

Never a dull moment. It kind of makes me happy to belong to this entertaining little family we are becoming.
What a great thing to become.


Brittany said...

My favorite is "sorry, can't." At least he's polite about it, right? :)

The Blandon's said...

What a clever little boy! I agree, at least he is polite about it. I still just get the whines with Blake. Which drive me batty!

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