Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sir O's self

Sir O is such a character.
Sometimes (most of the time) I forget to to step back and enjoy him.
Luckily Mr Renn is better at it. I suspect it's because he's not with him every waking moment.... just a suspicion.
For example Mr Renn is good about letting Sir O "help" with the dishes instead of shooing him away. Granted, this is only possible because I'm off keeping the baby safe and occupied. Doing the dishes by myself during the day is usually 1/3 washing dishes and 2/3 trying to keep Sir O from sitting on his brother. Still, I could learn from Mr Renn's approach.

And today was our first official day of playing outside for a substantial amount of time... without a winter coat. Luckily our neighbor Amy made this about a million times easier and more fun than it would have otherwise been. Sir O was occupied and the Captain and I were able to lounge about and watch. It was lovely. Sunshine is really great stuff. I really ought to help myself to more of it. If only it were that simple... still, yeah for the Sun!


Miss Crys said...

I'm glad to see that I ma not the only one posting twice in a day. I feel like I'm saying, "Hey all of you, I am here, I do exist...even when I'm home tending to tiny people all day long!" It's my little outlet!

--jeff * said...

glad that you got to go outside and that sir o is learning to do the dishes.

for the record, i own and have read the audrey hepburn book appearing under your "read me" section, and i'm pretty proud of that!

Katie May said...

He IS a character!

And I'm glad you saw the sun. Sometimes I wish I could trap those beautiful rays and bring them into my dark cold apartment. So, I know how you fell.

Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

And what a cute little helper he is too! We still have the birth announcement on our fridge. It makes me smile

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