Monday, May 25, 2009


Memorial Day, growing up, was always very simple and predictable. I loved it. Well, I may not have loved it at the time, but I love now the rigid tradition of it. I remember going to my great-grandmother's (June) house in Tooele(while she was alive), picking flowers from her rose garden and filling up mason jars with them, then heading to the Tooele cemetary to place them on familial graves. It was a good time for hearing stories about people I'd never met and learning what they'd been like. Lots of sad stories but the one's the always pricked me were both about June. Her first baby died in infancy, presumably from a botched delivery, and her husband died of appendicitis (sceptic infection) before her fourth child was born. I think it is good for a girl of 9 years to cry over things that happened 50 years before.

It was a good time for getting a feel of who I was and where I came from. And we nearly always visited the grave of a friend of my grandma who had died as a teenager in a car accident (in the days before seat belts). I don't remember his name, but I remember where his grave is in the cemetary. I sometimes feel protective of him, and I'm not the only one among my cousins who insists he not be forgotten when we visit. Well, as of 3 years ago.

This spending Memorial Day in PA thing kind of stinks. I'd really like to give my kids the same expectations for memorial day that I grew up with. I thought about going to a local cemetary and beflowering forgotten graves, but since I have no dirt and thus no flowers of my own that was an expensive (and unpopular) proposal.

Instead we chilled. We are good at chilling. Sir O has become very protective of his brother. I rarely beat Sir O to a crying Captain.
Park = Sir O finding new ways to climb on things.
Happiness = Watching all my boys enjoy each other during magic hour. (Minus the mosquitos).
I think we'll keep him.


Ashley H. said...

That's so cool you did that with your family when you were young. Sadly, I don't remember going to a grave on memorial day during my younger years. I guess I was deprived. :) I love that last picture! He's definitely a keeper! Miss you guys already!

Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

Well if you don't keep him I just might snag him from ya! Both your boys are such cuties. I think your house will be getting lots of phone calls from teenage girls in the future :)

The Hodges Family said...

ADORABLE picture of Graham! Glad you guys got to spend a day chillin. Love ya

Carolanne said...

your boys are adorable! I especially love that last picture in the bucket swing.

Martha said...

SO cute! I love all those pics. Love it.

Memories of traditions are so nice to have. I'm sure you're boys will remember wonderful things too about your family traditions. :)

Hey, what ya doing next week. James is FREE!! We need to get my military id, and then we can go to the please touch. :)

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