Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Back in our newlywed days it was nearly sacred;
Sunday Afternoon nap-time.
But Mr Renn is home-teaching (which is good)
And I just can't seem to nap if I'm the only adult at home.Most unfortunate, nobody needs one more than I.


Kori said...

Sunday naps are most definitely sacred! It is a sanctifying experience when all three of my kiddos get one at the same today! However, (like you) I found myself unable to nap along, despite this past weeks sleep deprivation. I swear you read my mind, today!

Miss Crys said...

You look so pretty with your glasses and sleepless eyes. Oh, the luxury of a nap. Somehow, the only time I am comfortable actually falling asleep is if Steve is home and awake--then i know I will be able to nap. I just know that if I am trying to nap while they sleep I will wake moments after I drift away to the first child who can't sleep anymore!

Em said...

@Crystal - EXACTLY
Why can't I explain it that succinctly to Mr Renn?

Chell said...

Oh how I love my Sunday afternoon naps, have not been able to fit a good one in recently though, I mis them!!

--jeff * said...

i dig your self-portraits.
have you considered collecting them into a book?

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