Sunday, May 03, 2009

world wide

It's been impressed upon me repeatedly in recent weeks that I belong to a world-wide, tech-savy church. (Which is impressive without even touching on my testimony of it). Jeff pointed out that at the bottom of church press-releases there are links to find official content on twitter, youtube, facebook, widgets, and an rss feed. And General Conference was one of the top twitter hashtags during Conference weekend. Today I got to attend a regional multi-stake conference and listen to/watch church leaders via a satellite transmission. It's all very cool.

Also, this video from the church's youtube channel made me cry... as a mother of boys. I find I cry a lot more now than I did before I was a mother of boys. Do I blame the hormones or the boys?

Happy Sabbath!


hairyshoefairy said...

Aren't we blessed to live in this period of time where things like this are so readily available?

Tracy M said...

That made me tear up. I can only pray my boys will be so kind.

I had heard that story, but not seen the video. I miss president Hinckley so much sometimes.

Ashley said...

That was beautiful Em, thank you for sharing it. I will totaly go along with you that it is having boys that does it to you. I can't watch anything like that without crying. I blubbered my way through all of conference. It was wonderful.

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