Tuesday, June 09, 2009

hoppy tod

What a week I am having!
Crazy, intense, busy, full days.
Very fun though.
I'm not being very good about taking photos. I shall try to improve in the remaining days.
But here's a few.
I've had flowers coming out my ears in the very best way.
I'm trying to share the wealth, and actually have so far given away all of my arrangements.
(I want my containers back though....to those who have them...please)

And the boys have been SO GOOD. Happiness all around.
Relief all around.
Monkeys jumping all around.
Here's Graham's hearty laugh:


Ashley said...

Oh, his laugh is so delightful!! Em, your arrangements are beautiful! You have such a talent! I have a question for you... what are the green flowers called in the first few pictures. I love those. I get them all the time to put in my kitchen, but I don't know the name.

Aby Runyan said...

Your arrangements are gorgeous, I especially like the short one in the glass vase. SO pretty.

luvs, aby

Krystal said...

Nothing is as cute as watching your children play! For some reason it is just so much fun when the big brother makes you laugh! Good job on the arrangements. That would be such a fun class to take. It totally fits you. I mean why not know how to do flowers you do everything else. You are just a all around talented person!

Em said...

The tall green ones? Those are bells of Ireland. I'm not sure what their non-common name is though.
They're heliotropic, meaning they lean toward light... so they're tricky little devils.
I'm learning, I'm a beginner, give me a few months.

Chell said...

Oh those are very cool EM.. Great job!!Love the video of the boys, love the giggle..

K-Krew said...

Love the captain's belly laugh. You captured a sweet moment. Don't you just love watching your baby laugh at something his older brother is doing?

I do. It's much preferred to the crying because the baby's eyes got poked by his brother...again.

Martha said...

That is just wonderful! What a lovely family :)

I'm so glad you love your class. Yay! Its amazing how getting out of the house to take time for yourself seems to help in so many other aspects of our lives. It must be nice to have Graham and Oliver so happy!

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