Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I miss my friends. Both real-life and blogging.
Somehow I've been terribly self-isolating lately.
It may or may not have something to do with dealing with erratic 3 year old perma-tantrums. I have no emotional energy left at the end of a long day with Sir O.
It's the kind of behavior that makes me wonder if I'm a terrible mother, or if he's mentally ill. Neither of which is either likely or impossible.

The Captain's got a tooth.
He likes to chew on me.
And why do pediatricians always feel the need to comment about how strong my babies are and how difficult it must be to change their diapers? Is that supposed to make me feel better or worse?

If either of these boys takes a decent nap today I hope to either do laundry or share a vacation recap. Which would you choose?


--jeff * said...

i'd probably choose laundry, but i'd certainly read your vacation post.

i'm putting my money down that both you and the perpetual motion sir o are quite healthy and normal.

your blog friend miss you, too, but understand.

The Hodges Family said...

Id love to read about your vacation but think laundry would make you feel much more fulfilled =) Either way, I hope the boys take naps you!

Bry and Amb said...

OH boy - I hear ya. My little 2 1/2 year makes me feel the same way - "I must be a horrible mother" and "is there something mentally wrong?!" He's such a rollercoaster. I feel ya girl! Hang in there ;)

aLi said...

that is funny that you mentioned how you wonder if Sir O's tantrums are your fault or his. I just said the same thing to my friend today.
Serious, he acts so off-the-wall sometimes that I'm afraid I'm doing something wrong.

By the way, I am tired from reading your super-duper post! What a whirlwind 2 weeks. Filled to the brim. I hope you get a break. You need it.

haha my word verification is
"cation," paired up with my thoughts, it's you need a VAcation.

don't you love the randomness of me?

hairyshoefairy said...

I can't tell you how much I relate. I'm sitting here nodding my head as I read. I've missed you, too.

Kori said...

I'm sure I would do laundry so that my hubby wouldn't think I just sat around and blogged all day!

My 4 years of mothering expeirence begs me to tell you Sir O's mental disfunction is simply his age. Every 2, 3, and sometimes 4 year old suffers from moments of mental disfuction! Occasionally those "moments" last for hours. My admired friend at work says she believes God gives us our children as sweet babies at first so that we fall unconditionally in love with them...this prevents us from returning them to Him once they become toddlers!

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