Thursday, September 24, 2009


The only time of day my brain churns in an authorly way is after midnight when I'm tossing in bed. Then I think of any number of witty insights to share, and by morning they've vanished and get trampled on by our clunky morning routine. (The one where we try to all be dressed by noon.)

Sighs, all around. There are so many stereotypical young-mom ruts I find myself in that my pre-parenthood-self balked at. I had no.idea.whatsoever.

(Yeah I know - the bink... we're working on it. But the kid's discovered his agency.)

Mr Renn has been given a new church calling with the youth in our stake, and it's proving to be one highly saturated with late evening meetings. What a difference it makes when he's gone - wow.

I've been keeping myself occupied with making baby food, spending 2+ hours in waiting rooms (graham's post-op appointment plus govt aid office), Christmas shopping, purging all the corners of my home of things not worth moving with us in nine months, trying to peel the Captain from my body in the height of his separation-anxiety phase, forever finding the refrigerator and freezer open (despite the multiple child locks on both), and occasionally staring at blank walls for extended periods of time.

I think I need one of those Calgon take me away/Dove moments .... if only they really existed.


Katie May said...

As I'm reading this, I'm sitting here while Clay is on overnight call, my house is a bomb and I know just how you feel. Although, I'm too exhausted for words to describe it. At least you know, right?

I wonder if they make a vaccine for this?

But the boys look adorable.

The Perry family said...

Live it up!

hairyshoefairy said...

Oh, my goodness, yes. The ruts. The chaos. Everything. Our freezer's on the bottom now so Peanut can get into it. She pulls stuff out and turns the dials so all our stuff is so frozen it takes ages and ages to thaw or it's left out hiding someplace and thaws without me realizing it. As for the midnight thoughts I usually keep my notebook by my bed so when I get those random thoughts I can write them down cuz I know I'll never remember them in the morning.

Martha said...

James has been gone until 8pm almost every night for weeks. I'm not a big fan, and since I feel miserable, my house does too! I would love to say "It's going to change. It'll be okay." but I know the only things that will change for now is how I deal with it. We each have our ruts and down weeks, but then life sends us flowers and sunshine and it seems to work out alright. :) I hope you have flowers soon!!

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