Saturday, October 31, 2009

costume revelations

I cannot tell you how much it means to me that the Captain is mellow. He allows me to do things I wouldn't have thought possible with his incredible capacity to go with the flow. (This statement does not apply to sleep in any form..... but any activity that involves everyone being awake - I'm totally able to pull off).


And he was a pretty cute and snuggly bee today.

Church Halloween Party

Sir O, it so happens, gave us a revelation today of why people go to all the work to celebrate Halloween. It was ridiculously fun to watch him revel in his costume, prance from house to house in the rain, holler "trick or treat" at the top of his lungs while knocking, peek in windows to see if anyone was coming, turn uber-shy once the door was opened, try to get away with helping himself to a fistful of candy, and then show us his booty with glee. The fact that he and his buddy Blake were carrying on conversations about being thirsty the whole time (and occasionally holding hands so they wouldn't lose each other) was totally a bonus. It was parental entertainment on par with Christmas morning. Mr Renn and I ate it up.

Church Halloween Party

By the way, in the future, avoid costumes that have to be carried in part by three-year-olds. This sad horse is now very soggy, and has been strangled to the extent that he now has an amusingly floppy neck. (Akin to a dead swan). But Sir O was a trooper about lugging it around in the rain. Next on my radar: how to fairly deal with Halloween candy that is technically his, but is also the equivalent of way more sugar highs than I am willing to deal with.



--jeff * said...

awesome awesome awesome:

-that he had such a great costume.

-that everyone had a fun time.

-that got the pictures.

-that you enjoyed the moments as much as the cowboy did with his candy.

hairyshoefairy said...

That cowboy costume is fantastic! We enjoyed Halloween much more this year than previously, too. It's so fun to see your kids "get" it. Happy Halloween!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

That cowboy costume is SO CUTE!! Our kids had so much fun this year. On to Thanksgiving!!

Devon said...

Oh, they look so cute! And we just toss most of the candy (but don't tell the kids). In fact, the first couple years McKinley didn't even realize that we kept ANY (we never mentioned where the candy went, and neither did she!)

Oh, and I love the family photos! What great colors you picked!

aLi said...

Ha! I love his pointed finger!!!

What cute little kids you have! Good job, Em and Renn.

The Perry family said...

Love his costume! Sir o is aweseome! Love that kid! I wish I could've seen the trick-or-treating. And that little bee is also so cute! miss you guys!

Carolanne said...

I love the last pic. Look at the glee in his face! Those pictures are priceless.

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