Monday, October 05, 2009


I cannot seem to stay on top of anything lately. Not a good feeling.
In case I ever gave the impression that I had it all-together, let me disillusion you now.
This cute kid has spent most of the day crying, and being rudely awakened from naps (by guess who....).


This cute kid has been snooping in the fridge at every opportunity. Yeah - someone should tell him to hide the evidence better.


Dinner is started - good
Kitchen is a bomb - not good


Laundry is clean - good
Mountain of unfolded-but-clean laundry on my bed - not good


And Sir O's latest favorite thing is plugging in and unplugging small appliances. I've also caught him saying to the Captain, "I swear, child! You make me crazy!"

Um, yeah.


Kori said...

It's frightening how closely these little ones listen to their mothers. I frequently hear Lily tell her dolly "If you don't stop being naughty you're going to have to sit in the corner!"
I'm grateful I don't have a swearing problem!

hairyshoefairy said...

LOL. Peanut keeps saying, "That's not okay!" My house still hasn't recovered from last week.

Lizzie said...

Its good to know that I am not the only person who does the same thing. It is sad when you find yourself being forced to fold and put away the clean, wrinkled laundry so that you can have a laundry basket to carry the dirty clothes to the washer...*sigh*. I feel ya!

PS - you are an awesome blogger, I have lots of learning to do!

The Blandon's said...

I still think you have it all together - mom style!
The kitchen and piles of laundry look oddly familiar! You could come to my house and take the same pictures!

Martha said...

I'm pretty sure the whole kitchen and laundry thing are fairly normal. I don't even have kids yet, and my life gets like this way too often! I think its a part of life, the reality part behind every closed door. :) Just think... Oliver really does listen to you! hee, hee.

The Perry family said...

it gets better

aLi said...

that is so true!!! The overwhelming feeling like you can't keep up! It consumes you until perhaps Sir O gets potty trained and Cap'n Graham starts walking. I am now starting to feel good with life. Don't feel bad! The fact the kids survive every day was what helped me not feel so bad.

Amber said...

The good news is that your normal - see don't you feel better (crickets). Everyone lives to try another day - sometimes that's all we can do. If it makes you feel any better, my mountain of laundry is on the couch in my front room for all the world to see.

The Hodges Family said...

Youre a great mom and wife Em! I envy your daily striving to get through life as best you can. Its rough at times...I feel ya 100%

Brittany said...

That is quite the ginormous pile of laundry you have there. I hate folding laundry. Oh the things kids pick up on that we say. I definitely have to be careful what I'm saying!

The Libutti Family said...

Hang in there.
You are doing a great job... what the boys will remember about you is that you made life FUN for them, with great projects and your creative talents.
I promise they are oblivious to the kitchen and the laundry.

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