Monday, November 09, 2009


I ought to write deep and introspective posts more often, the feedback I get is incredible, enlightening, and motivating.


Mr Renn begins living out of a suitcase and traveling for residency interviews soon. It is going to be an interesting time for me. A time of pulling myself up by the bootstraps around 5pm each day. We have become quite dependent on one another over the years, and are knee-deep in our daily routines, so even his overnight scout camp-outs throw us for a loop.

Though I will contend that it's always harder to be the one left behind. In that spirit I sympathize with my little sister, who often laments the sad spot of being the youngest child.

BUT, just think - the match is in January. Soon we will know (hopefully!) where we are headed after graduation and I will have permission to start planning ahead. I love few things as much as the illusion of control that planning ahead gives me.

I'm all about illusions sometimes, especially those involving control.

7 months to an existence where laundry wars are only between me and the quantity of dirty clothes; not involving my neighbors, pathetic public machines, or dwindling supplies of quarters.

7 months until we can stop yelling at our kids to have quiet feet, for fear of having downstairs neighbors pound on their ceiling at us.

7 months until I can stop feeling violated by the smell of cigarette smoke in my non-smoking home.

4 months until I will have survived my last Philly February! Oh how I loathe them!

I am daring to hope for outdoor spaces, more than 4 windows, and a bedroom that does not also function as a craft room/office/storage unit.

Just building castles in the clouds and ignoring reality, you know me.


hairyshoefairy said...

Hooray! Let the countdown begin. I'm into illusions, too. I can't wait for you to have all those things, too. I understand how you feel in so many ways. It's getting down to the end and you can make it, even with a PA February still to come.

Chell said...

So exciting... Can't wait to hear where you are headed!!

The Hodges Family said...

Exciting news awaits.....Love it! Youre awesome Em! Love you

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I'm excited to see where you guys end up as well! You have so many adventures still coming!

Devon said...

Oh, yes I completely agree about February in Philly (but I don't much like them anywhere!) I'm excited to hear where you guys get to go, but at the same time we are all going to be so sad to see you go!

The Skinners said...

This is a reality though... soon the Colony will just be a vague memory. I cant wait to see where you end up. The last year I was so anxious to get on with life, so I know how it is. Also if you think a Feb. in Philly is bad, try Alaska! Its freezing!!!

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