Friday, February 05, 2010

Sir O and his art show

Back in July Sir O got a camera for his birthday. (Thanks to ebay) I put a relatively puny memory card (128mb?) in along with some batteries and figured I'd download his pictures when he filled the memory card or the batteries died, whichever came first.

Six months later, the batteries are dead. Because this camera takes such low-resolution photos, there were over 500 on the card, and I had occasionally gone through and deleted the completely impossible to make-any-meaning-out-of ones.

So, finally I can share some of the work of Sir O (and every other kid who'se played with his camera). There are some pretty great finds in there.

Self Portraits:

Lots to blackmail his mom with:

A lot of photos of the television - which in NO WAY indicate that he watches too much of it, right?:

Some perspective:

Some I think are just beautiful:

And several that I'm trying to pin down which visiting preschooler was the photographer:

All in all, a good little show. See it here.


Stina said...

Very nice Sir O!

hairyshoefairy said...

Awesome!! I've been wanting to do something like this with Peanut, too. I love his photos. Very fub to see. I'm so glad you posted them.

Lizzie said...

That is awesome. I have an old camera that I was just considering freecycling... but maybe I'll hold off and use it as a birthday gift or something. What a clever idea!

--jeff * said...

em, that is perhaps the coolest idea i have yet come across on your blog. loveitloveitloveit!

The Hodges Family said...

That is so cute! On our trip home from Utah last week Kaylee wanted my camera. After 20 minutes or so, she gave it back to me and I giggled in the front seat seeing the things she comes up with to take pictures of. She often loves to find my camera in my purse and run off with it without me knowing. When I use my camera next I love finding everything shes taken pictures of! So fun. Glad Oliver had such a good time using it! LOVE HIS PICTURES! Thanks for sharing!

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