Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Learning Curve

I'm happy to say that I no longer leave the house hoping to avert disaster. I now know that disaster is inevitable, and that I am choosing to go out in spite of it.
(This is sparing me a whole barrel of woe)

The weather was too kind and fleeting today to be missed, plus Sir O has watched about 3 lifetimes worth of movies in the last 2 weeks, so (despite the Captain being under the weather) we ventured a picnic.

picnic lunch

I knew something would go awry, so I was actually pretty pleased when our biggest setback was the Captain being left in his carseat in the car for a Child-Protective-Services-warranting amount of time while I tried to get Sir O to help me clean up our food and drag his reluctant feet back to the car.

Captain @ picnic

Oh, to be outdoors and feel the sun on my skin! (Even if it's March sun coming from a harsh angle) It makes me want to sing and skip and make a fool of myself!

Sir O @ picnic


Katie May said...

Oh, I only wish that our PA time together was just a wee bit closer in distance so we could enjoy such outings together! We did almost the same thing today, boogers and all, but not so nicely photographed. I'm lovin the shots you got. Makes me want to sing and be merry, too!

I'm still holdin' out hope for a get together...soon!

Brittany said...

Glad you could get out in the sun. Gotta love that vitamin D we've been lacking. Hope the kids and you start getting some sleep sooN!

The Hodges Family said...

Outdoors, sun!! AWESOME! I dont think Id survive in PA considering the last two nights after work Ive gone out to our pool and took Kaylee swimming in the 80 degree weather we're having...I love that you're able to try to make the best of it and got the boys outside...Im sure they had a blast!

The Skinners said...

What a fun day! Im jealous, we have 2 feet of snow still!

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