Monday, March 01, 2010

Proclamations - new for March

For various reasons over the last month, my mind and heart and thoughts have been continually drawn to The Family: A Proclamation to the World, which I believe to be an inspired and prophetic proclamation. Prophetic especially because I've lived to see all the ways in which family units have been undermined since it was released in 1995.

With so many thoughts along this vein in my mind, I decided it would be appropriate to explore how I (and you) feel about families, in both spiritual and temporal terms. So I'm starting a "series" this month, because I believe that no matter what your faith and beliefs regarding family, it's important to purposefully decide what they are and to stick to them.

Today I begin with: "(We) solemnly proclaim that ... the family is central to the Creator's plan for the eternal destiny of His children."

The underpinning of this statement is a belief in God, our Creator. If we do not agree on that point, any discussion with me about family will not get very far. Without an acceptance that we are dependent beings, with needs we cannot meet ourselves, we cannot accept the beautiful reality of a Father in Heaven who loves us. We live in an age where many men would rather worship any workmanship of their own than to acknowledge God. For all the good and enlightenment that science has brought us, the realm of science at large is prone to rejecting what cannot be proved, and God has designed our lives so that believing in him will always require faith. Faith is imperative for our growth and development. It is the single tool through which we can be most beautifully refined in this life, and it will bring us the greatest peace and joy possible in mortality.

Assuming that there is an acceptance of God, and His active participation and interest in our lives, we cannot deny that the family is a design of God for our happiness and progression.

It has been my experience that believing in the doctrine of the family, to the point of acting with faith in starting a family of my own, has brought me more opportunity for enlightenment and growth than any other experience I could have chosen. I have had to confront and weed out a battlement of selfishness and pride in order to keep the covenants I made when married. I have to choose to keep those covenants every single day, and I cannot imagine having the strength to do that if I did not have a firm hope and faith that it is God's plan for me, and what will ultimately bring me the most joy.

I have been surprised to find that I need my children as much as they need me. I cannot reach my divine potential without them, and as days progress and I get glimpses at the old souls inside of them I feel this to be true in a way that resonates from my core to my fingertips. I cannot imagine feeling complete or happy without them. My happiness becomes so wrapped up in their well-being that almost without realizing it I begin to live the counsel to "lose my life that I may find it." It makes my self-centric pre-marriage state seem terribly one-dimensional and lacking in real joy. (And I don't think I was more particularly self-centric than most singles....)

I know that my family is the most important place for me to be investing my energy. I know that this is not only because I want the best for my children, but because we, as a family unit, can only progress to our fullest potential together. I need my family and they need me. I love it, and I love that God loved me enough to establish it.

I'll be exploring aspects of the proclamation throughout the month, along with some invited guests. Constructive, compassionate discussion is encouraged. Unkindness is not.

Please begin pondering; What are your convictions about families? How is becoming more difficult to live them?


Brittany said...

Oh I'm excited for this! What a good way to really think about the direction that has been given to us. Plus, by the time you're done with this, we'll be all set and geared up for General Conference in April. Let me do some thinking, and I'll be back!

hairyshoefairy said...

I'm loving this idea. I enjoyed today's and look forward to reading what's to come. Thank you for doing this!

Cam said...

Thank you for providing the opportunity to discuss this most important subject matter.

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