Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tender Mercies: Sir Wonderful

Amidst lots of craziness around these parts of late, Sir O has really stepped up to the plate. He's started surprising me with his empathy, thoughtfulness, and capacity for self-containment. He's still thoroughly a preschooler and a boy, and that's just as it should be, but I'm getting glimpses at the person he can become, and it makes me swell up inside with pride. (good pride)


He's taken to coloring with fervor, tucking his stuffed animals in at night, and taking a keen interest in keeping his brother pacified.


He's been making me feel like my job is do-able, and that there are short-term rewards for me while I'm in the trenches. They're just moments, but they're wonderful!


aLi said...

Is he even giving Renn a ride on that tricycle?!!? :D

--jeff * said...

i like this post.

i also like good pride.

Devon said...

Um...can he tell Kennedy about some of these improvements? I think we're regressing, and most days I'm wondering how I can survive being a mother of a daughter who leaves me and runs outside while I'm in the middle of checking out in a store (I know, why DID I take her shopping with me, anyway?). So it's good to hear that maybe someday I might feel like we're progressing! It's a good thing to know better stuff is coming, right?

Brittany said...

And he's growing into such a handsome boy. He has lost all his baby-ness looks. Sad, but still adorable. Graham is lucky to have him as his big brother!

The Hodges Family said...

I love this post. Gives me the warm fuzzies. Love you all!

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