Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Constructive/Destructive Sir Paradox

My child is bored, and confused.


Sir O is bored.  He breaks into my (packed) craft stuff for the 8th time, takes the lid off of every ink-pad and marker, and makes what can only be called a horrific mess. 

His quiet finally gives him away, and I find this when I go searching for him.



Sir O is bored.  He digs the vacuum out of the closet, tears all the couch cushions off, and starts vacuuming up the popcorn and other carnage that's hanging out there.

Sir O vacuuming

He's in hysterical giggles as he plays with the vacuum hose.

Sir O vacuuming

(He opts to do this during his brother's nap, which inevitably wakes the Captain up)  I figure while he's game for cleaning I'll have him help me sweep and mop in the kitchen as well. 

Sir O mopping

Is this the same child?  Does this feel like multiple personalities to anyone else?


hairyshoefairy said...

This is all too familiar. The destruction can be awful but the helpfulness can be nice.

--jeff * said...

i can offer no parenting insight, but i think this is rather interesting with some excellent visual evidence.

Stina said...

I agree with jeff..you have the evidence if nothing else....really this behavior is like a teenager right...just goes with my theory that toddlers are little teenagers...hormonal, angry at the world and in love with it at the same time.

Devon said...

Oh, he's so cute. And I totally understand the problem with "quiet." It's never a good thing in our house!

Carolanne said...

My son loves to play with the vacuum too. As for the craft stuff, I can only say thank goodness that he didn't get any of the ink on the carpet (did he?). It hasn't happened to me yet, but I know my turn is coming.

Brittany said...

Boredom. Yes, I feel you. It's amazing what a difference in temperment Caleb has when I do something to stimulate his brain or his body. Unfortunately you are in the middle of big things and unable to give him complete attention. but he seems happy to me! And hey, what a good helper he is. I don't even think to vacuum under the couch cushions most of the time.

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