Friday, April 09, 2010


As a testimony to how lame my life is right now, I took Sir O on a field trip this morning to take photos of the construction vehicles that are working on a building in our complex.  Clearly I was deeply invested in this project, as there is not a single photo of the single construction vehicle on my memory card.  Perhaps I shall go to the effort to remove Sir O's memory card from his camera, but that requires a screwdriver, and I am lazy pregnant.

But I think Sir O was sufficiently enchanted by the whole thing.(especially climbing all over the barriers- so safe)  That was easy.  Can I call it a day?

going to see the mini-excavator

going to see the mini-excavator

going to see the mini-excavator


Carolanne said...

You are such a good mom! Currently our field trips consist of my son getting dirty in the back yard while I watch from a lounge chair and watch my son get dirty.

I love that Sir O has his own camera. That is a great idea!

Ashley said...

He looks like a man on a mission. I love it. Em, you are a great mom. Especially for being pregnant!

--jeff * said...

hardly sounds lame to me.
it sounds like he had a blast and i think it's cooler still that it wasn't just "to look at the machinery", but to take pictures.

carry on.

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