Thursday, April 22, 2010


I got to attend a floral lecture by Hitomi Gilliam last night and it made for a lovely evening.  (The contrast to the lecture I attended a year ago is almost funny).
Her premise was that you don't need a ton of flowers to make a large arrangement that makes a big statement.  She covered lots of techniques for creating structures that only require the addition of a few flowers to be really lovely.  She had the most darling personality, and some strong opinions about the personalities of flowers showing through in a design.  My photos don't begin to do her work justice (especially because I was trying to not be the annoying flash girl during the lecture), but I'm sharing some anyway, because it made me happy and might do the same for someone else today.










It all makes me itch to get out my tools and try something new.  Luckily I have my last floral class at Longwood this Saturday.  I'm not quite ready to face up to how sad that word "last" makes me.

But for now... back to packing and keeping small boys alive.

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--jeff * said...

thanks for sharing, em. i think it's pretty dang that you make time to develop your own interests and hobbies in the midst of wrangling everything else.

floral arranging doesn't really grab my attention, but your interest in it does.

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