Saturday, April 17, 2010


Mr Renn is on his 2nd day of clinical boards.  We are a little edgy at our house, not to mention that the boys don't get their Saturday dose of dad.
But this morning while I was wrapping myself up in angst and prayers, I caught Sir O having a portrait session with his Schleich animals. 

Sir O portrait session

I am loving his camera more all the time.
(this is my shot, not his.... someday I'll pull out that screwdriver and we'll have another art show)
Sir O portrait session


Deena said...

It is so nice when boards are finally over.

We have a few of those Schleich animals. The anatomical correctness of our horses cracks me up.

hairyshoefairy said...

I so look forward to another art show. I really should get Peanut a camera. She always wants t use mine and I only let her take a couple of pics with it. I'm sure she'd happily fill up a card in a day. Maybe for her birthday.

Ashley said...

Nice arranging on Sir. O's part! (I guess he gets it from his Momma.)

Krystal said...

Too cute! I think Trey and him would have so much fun together. All those animals and a buddy to play that has the same animal passion would be good! Good luck with the boards. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Thats what they say. Hang in there and remember one day at a time.

--jeff * said...

em, this is perhaps one of my favorite posts of the year on here. i acknowledge that this comes after a month of profundities on the proclamation on the family, but that you have instilled in sir o the interest and love of photography delights me to no end.

you, my friend, are seriously dang awesome.

hang in there.

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